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Gauge Street's systematic strategies seamlessly integrate state-of-the-art technology with deep market insights to harness both alpha and beta opportunities in the global markets. Our strategies are underpinned by a fusion of quantitative research, advanced algorithms, and real-time data analytics.

New powerful take on systematic trading

Gauge Street strives to serve as a beacon for investors looking to navigate the intricacies of today's global markets. By fusing the dynamism of alpha-seeking strategies with the stability of beta-focused approaches, we offer clients a holistic investment solution designed for the modern era. With Gauge Street, clients are not just investing in the market; they're investing in a future defined by rigor, innovation, and consistent performance.

Alpha strategies

Our alpha strategies are designed to extract returns that are uncorrelated with traditional market indices. Through a combination of trend-following, mean reversion, and other proprietary models, we aim to generate consistent alpha, regardless of market conditions.

Exchange Arbitrage

We systematically identify asset price discrepancies across different exchanges, executing simultaneous buy and sell orders to capture risk-free profits. This strategy, while appearing simple, requires high-speed execution and real-time data analysis, both of which are hallmarks of Gauge Street's trading infrastructure.

N-Way Arbitrage

Beyond the traditional two-way arbitrage, the crypto space presents complex multi-way arbitrage opportunities. Our N-Way strategy delves deep into this complexity. By identifying interconnected price inefficiencies across multiple tokens and trading pairs, we derive profits from the intricate web of the crypto ecosystem.

Statistical Arbitrage

Rooted in quantitative models and historical price data, this strategy exploits short-term price anomalies between related assets. By employing advanced mathematical models and high-frequency trading techniques, we capitalize on price inefficiencies before they're corrected, ensuring swift and consistent returns.
  • Token interrelation arbitrage (N-Way arbitrage): Given the myriad of tokens and their respective pairs, we identify and exploit price inefficiencies between different token pairs, leveraging the interconnectedness of the crypto ecosystem.
  • Cross-exchange arbitrage: Cross-Exchange Arbitrage: By monitoring price differences of the same asset across different exchanges, we execute simultaneous buy and sell orders to capture risk-free profits.

Diverse Alpha Strategies

Gauge Street continuously explores new frontiers in the Alpha space beyond conventional strategies. Whether it's capitalizing on news-driven events, leveraging AI to predict short-term price movements, or employing sentiment analysis to gauge market mood, our repertoire is always evolving, ensuring we stay ahead of the curve.

Beta strategies

Beyond the traditional market-cap-weighted indices, our team delves into factor-based investing. By tilting portfolios towards factors like momentum, value, and size, we seek to achieve enhanced returns and superior diversification, tapping into the underlying drivers of risk and return.


Generating profits from medium to long-term momentum in the crypto market. By identifying and riding trends, we ensure optimal entry and exit points, minimizing potential downturns and maximizing gains. This approach ensures consistent returns and minimizes the risk of adverse price movements.


Our reversals strategy aims to identify key inflection points, capitalizing on sudden and significant price changes. By leveraging technical indicators and predictive analytics, we can anticipate potential reversals, positioning our trades to benefit from these swift market movements.

Machine Learning Strategies

We employ sophisticated algorithms that learn from historical data and real-time market movements. By constantly refining their predictions, we ensure that our trading strategies are always aligned with the latest market dynamics. This AI-driven approach not only ensures precision but also helps uncovering hidden market patterns that might elude traditional analysis.
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Our Advantages

Top Quantitative Framework

Sophisticated mathematical and statistical models allow our team to predict and capitalize on market shifts and inefficiencies with a high degree of accuracy.

State-of-the Art Infrastructure

Our state-of-the-art trading infrastructure, combined with high-frequency trading algorithms, ensures swift execution, minimizing slippage and maximizing returns.

Holistic Risk Management

We continuously monitor our strategies, and our portfolios dynamically adjusted, ensuring alignment with our clients' risk profiles and investment objectives.
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